HCM / NHC Hitchin – Work Experience (June 2015)

Dear All

As part of your Music Diploma this year with HCM / NHC you must complete 30+ ours of music-related work experience. As you know to fulfil this, we have partnered with the Rhythms of the World Music festival which will be held 20th and 21st June 2015. We will be involved in ALL elements of this festival starting on the Monday before.

Please fill in this form to chose which areas you would like to work in :-

HCM WARE – Charity Onesie Day

There will be a charity onesie day this coming Monday 26th January for Nordoff Robbins so please bring in a £1 donation.

If you don’t have a onesie or don’t want to wear one you will be allocated a silly hat which we will supply. You will still need to make a donation of £1.

If you have any issues please speak to your student rep.

Level 2 – Daniel Bracebridge

Level 3 – Aimi De Rosa

Business – Samaya Woolmer

Second years – Joe Gibbs