TOMORROW Monday – 31st March 2014

Tomorrow (Monday) we will be coming off of normal timetable. Please note the changes below.

Level 3 Performance – You will be rehearsing all day (all three sessions)

Level 3 Ext – You will be workshopping all day in the Mac Suites. This will give you the opportunity to complete any written work or Logic work.

Level 2 Performance – You will not be required to attend, however we will email you some work for home study.

End of Term Concert – Thursday 3rd April

To ALL students,

The End of Term Concert will take place on Thursday 3rd April at Fletcher’s Lea (Ware Priory).

Doors will be open at 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced at £4 each and are available now from Angie (students who are performing do not have to pay).

ALL performing students will need to be at the venue at 7.30pm. We will be drawing the running order on the night.

We envisage the music to be finished by 11.30pm at the latest.

Students will not be required to attend college on Friday, however the Mac Suites will be available for those students who have work to complete before Easter.



Advanced Notice – 22nd May 2014

Dear All

We will be hosting the Musicians’ Union (MU) on the afternoon of the 22nd May 2014. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the benefits of MU membership – which includes gear Insurance, help and advice with contracts and Public Liability Insurance at a reduced price for students.

This is from an APOLITICAL view point, we are not politicising music or being a musician we are simply giving you guys ALL of the options open to you as students.


GUITARISTS and BASSISTS – Monday 17th March – Yamaha Guitar Workshop

To all L2, L3 Performance, L3 Business and L3 Ext Guitarists and Bassists.

We have Yamaha returning to us on Monday afternoon for a follow up to the last R&D session. They will be bringing in the actual guitars you helped develop and will be asking for more feedback.

The session will run from 2pm-4pm in the Lecture Theatre and will be in place of your normal timetabled afternoon lessons.


Bass Lessons (While Dave E is away on tour)


You bass lessons will be covered by Tom Payne on Monday afternoons (times below) in the front mac studio.

Ross Paul : 1500hrs

Connor Farrow : 15:30hrs

George Hersant : 16:00hrs (1hr pre-booked lesson)

Please bring any work that you have been working on to the lessons and make sure you enter what you do in the lesson onto you practice blog – Dave E will be checking while he is away.


To all L3 extended, L3 performance and L3 business students; your enrichment on Friday 21st March will run to a different timetable than you are used to.

ALL students will need to register at the HCM lounge at 9:30am. The day will finish by 2pm. Here’s what the day involves:

  1. Chloe Turner, an ex diploma student, who has gone on to study a degree in Songwriting at ICMP, will be performing and taking a Q and A session for ALL STUDENTS. Chloe achieved a Distinction in her L3 performance diploma as well as Distinction in Grade 6 and Grade 8 vocals during her year with us. Chloe is a very talented songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, she is an excellent example of what you can all achieve with hard work and dedication.
  2. L3 extended students will be expected to prepare and perform one song from their Lead Performer set and give a brief explanation of the idea/theme behind their chosen repertoire. You should plan to use this performance as a practice run for the real thing so be as practiced and prepared as possible. You will receive general feedback from the audience as well as specific feedback from your tutors in relation to the grading criteria.
  3. L3 performance and business students will be watching live performances, asking questions and completing feedback tasks during the course of the day.

The day will take place in the HCM lounge and make use of the new stage area.




CHOIR starts again today at 3:45pm in the lecture theatre.

Just a reminder that choir is COMPULSORY for all vocal students and students from other instrumental groups are more than welcome.

We only have FOUR rehearsals (including today) before our performance at the end of term concert.

See you this afternoon

HCM Level 4 Teaching Diploma

Dear All

We will be starting the RSL Level 4 Teaching diploma from this Friday 7th March 2014.

The  diploma is EXTERNALLY MARKED and will required candidates to produce a portfolio of teaching materials and videos followed by a 4 hour exam.

The Teaching Diploma consists of 12 weeks of lessons and 3 weeks of workshop sessions  to prepare the Unit 1 Portfolio (15 weeks in total). Lessons will be on Fridays from 2pm – 4pm and will be taught at HCM Holly House.

To read up on this diploma click HERE

There is a cost for this course (which includes the exam fee) of £1000.

For information on this course with discuss it with Alex or call Jon on 01920 460646 option 1.